Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tile Project Completed for first phase structure

Hello friends,

Wanted to let you all know that we have completed the Tile Project in the first phase structure of the new orphan facility.

There where so many of you that sponsored the $25 tile sections ($3,200 worth) and many others that blessed us through prayer support and we just wanted to make sure that you where all kept up to date concerning this tile project.

However I do have to ask for some loving understanding as one detail has changed since I sent out the the last update to the project.

For several months I had been telling everyone that we were going to etch the names of each donor (or the tiles that were purchased in memory of) into each tile section. Well, to be honest with eveyone, I did not know that the tile project would turn out quite as nice as it has and my pastor and I have some reservation now about etching into the nice we are hoping that no one has any problems with our new plan...I want to have a nice wooden plaque made that will show the tile sections of the kitchen/eating area and the names of the donors in each section...we will hang this plaque on the wall where it will remain until the structure is no more.

I hope that you are all in favor of this idea and that you won´t be too disappointed that your name won´t be on the tiles. Please know that this was a last minute change in plans and that we were not trying to deceive anyone by now changing plans. We truly believe that it is the best thing to do.

I have attached a photo and made a blog post about this great day for the orphanage.

Blessings to everyone and thanks again for the financial and prayer support,

Lance, Sarita and Joshua