Friday, July 30, 2010

Another short term mission group from the U.S.

Hello friends,

Just wanted to share some good pics that were taken when another short term mission group (the second one of the summer) came down to help us do some work at the orphanage. They worked on the first/second phase building, started construction on a new jungle gym, and more importantly, they simply ministered to the children.

The group that came is from a missions outfit called Global Encounters...this is the second year in a row that they have come and blessed us in a mighty way! You can find their website below:

Here is a group photo of the team and all the kids!

Here are some pics of some of the group helping prepare and paint the upstairs (with a varnish/sealer)...because we live in a very moist climate, we have to seal the brick so that moisture/mold does not get into or grow in the house.

The group singing some songs for the kids...

Having lunch...the group bought 32 hamburgers (Teopisca style including pineapple, ham, bacon, salsa and much more) and all the soda and chips we could eat...

They brought blankets (hand made I believe) for the children...what a blessing!!!

Here the group (and children of Casa Hogar Canaan) began building a jungle gym for the will eventually have a slide, swing monkey bars and whatever else we want to put on it...

BUT THEN THE RAINY SEASON TOOK ITS BEST SHOT!!!! (rains pretty much every day down here right now but this was a real downpour even for Teopisca standards)

There were however, a few brave souls that wanted to try and get as much done...rain or no rain! I was not one of them!!!!

And what were the Keelings doing while the Global Encounters group was hard at work????

I know, I know, we should have been working but there were not enough tools and spray guns to go around so we just did the next bext thing!

That is all for now...