Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pictures from our trip to Mexico City 2010

Hi everyone well this is just a fun blog post about our family:) We had to go to Mexico City to get Caleb´s Paperwork and passport so I thought I would post some of the pictures from our trip:) hope you like them.

Mommy and Caleb 3 1/2 months

Who me?

Checking it out

Little smile


Look at this mom!

close up


so fun


Caleb look this way!!!!!!! lol:)


Our trip to the zoo was a great time

Big brother

Mommy and Joshua

Daddy and baby moment

Daddy is great transportation

Hi there!

Look mom a BEAR

One of Joshua's favorits

Our good friend and Joshua

another favorit

well prayed over Hot dogs (you never know what your going to get, if you eat off the street.)

Trip in the plane, best buds!!!

Firts plane ride.

Ok that is all hope you like them:)