Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A few happy families here in Teopisca!

Hello friends!

We recently received donations from two families that we know; one from the U.S. and the other from New Zealand. New Zealand no less!!!  Just a reminder that if God wants something to happen, He will put the right people together. 

These two families do not know each other but they are fellow believers and for the holidays they wanted to help out some needy families down here in south Mexico. So Sarah and I decided to purchase a whole bunch of food and other items that we knew these families would enjoy. So we went into a neighboring town about 45 minutes and purchased a whole bunch of stuff. Then we came back and divided it all up as the seven families looked on (and helped out as you will see from the photos). 

Sarah took a whole bunch of pics while I was handing out the items. Below you will find a bunch of candid shots that don´t need explanation. 

Praise God for toucing the hearts of these two families!!!!

Love you all, 

Lance for the gang