Friday, January 11, 2013

Serving the homeless of Teopisca

Hello friends,

It has been a while since we last posted a blog concerning our ministry. One of the reasons we haven't is that we don't take a whole lot of pics of our main ministry down here; the church plant in our home. However, this Christmas/New Year we decided as a church that we wanted to serve others instead of ourselves so we prepared a meal for a group of homeless families currently living in Teopisca. These homeless families, consisting of about 150 people, were run out of their houses and off of their land and are temporarily living in a single building here in the city. We had a great day sharing the love of God with these people and can only pray that God uses this day to change the lives of all those involved.
Here I am sharing a short Christ centered Christmas message before we ate.

Here are some of our church members serving the meal.


Everyone lining up to get the goods...chicken soup with a ton of vegetables, chili, rice, and tortillas. 

The ladies and children eat on one side and the men on the other...that's just the way it is done here.

 Some pics of the kids.


Getting ready to do pinatas with Sarah and I are taking it all in. 

Can you find the three little gringos in this photo?

Andrew's first pinata!


Handing out more candy.

Most of the whole gang!