Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How you can help

Hello my friends,

I wanted to update you all on the progress of the new orphan facility and at the same time let you know about an idea that some of us came up with.

Some of the photos below show us putting in the concrete floor for the orphanage. We hauled in some dirt, spread it and pounded it down, hauled in some gravel and then poured the concrete. To date, the entire floor is poured in the phase one structure (except for the area above the cistern which is not yet complete).

We desire to tile the entire floor of the kitchen/eating area but we don’t quite have enough money to do so.

So here was our idea.

We are going to be laying down one square meter sections of tile. Each section, including all materials and labor, will cost about $25 a square meter. And we need about 130 of these one square meter sections. To date, we have about 5 different families that are going to “sponsor” (pay for) a section of the tile and for doing so, we are going to engrave or etch their names into the corner of the tile section so that each “sponsor” will forever be a part of the work here on the orphanage.

If you desire to be a part of the orphanage for as long as the structure stands, then please contact me and let me know if you desire to sponsor a section of tile…and if you want you can sponsor more than just one section of tile.

By the way, I am well aware of the financial situation in the United States and because of that we have been thinking about various ways that we can still raise support for the orphans down here without trying to be a burden. In the days ahead we are going to be launching our “Adopt an Abandoned Child” program, as well as, developing a website or blog site that will show various ways to help down here in south Mexico. Be on the lookout please!!!!!

Then there are some photos that show the progress of the cistern to date. This will hold the water supply for the orphanage. There are no water lines out to the site, so we will have to have a truck come and pump water into the cistern on a regular basis.

The next two photos show the countertop that we poured between the dining area and the kitchen. This is where the children will receive their food on trays and then when they are done, they will pass the trays back so that the dishes can be washed.

The last pic shows one of the doors that we just put on (three in total). We were able to get these doors for almost half price so please praise the Lord with us for His everlasting faithfulness.

Blessings to all,

Lance, Sarita and little 5 month old Joshua

leveling the dirt we brought in...

pounding it down to form solid base...

first test of the concrete...

almost done with the pouring...

done at last...

here is the work on the cistern....

this is the counter top that will allow the children to receive their food and return their trays in an orderly fashion...gotta have that order or it will be chaos...

these are what the three doors look like....

all for now

Friday, October 24, 2008

Missions Conference Oct. 19 - 20, 2008

Hello everyone,

I hope and pray that al is well with everyone.

I wanted to take a moment and update you all on one of ministry opportunities that Sarita and I have had this past week.

Missions Conference....

This past weekend we travelled to the capital city of Tuxtla Gutierrez here in the state of Chiapas were we live so that I could preach at a missions conference on Saturday night and two times on Sunday. It was a small church but all 70 chairs were filled. Many of you were praying for this conference and that God would use me as a vessel of His to encourage the Christians here in Mexico to be involved in world missions. The Lord has answered your prayers. Thank you for praying for me. I told Sarita on Saturday night, as we drove the two hours to the church, that I could feel the prayers that were being offered for me. It was so encouraging!

One note about Sunday night.

All three of my sermons/lessons were prepared to be about 50 minutes long but on Sunday night, about 10 minutes before we began, I was asked to only speak about 30 minutes because another speaker had come and was going to preach as well. Under normal circumstances, this would not have been so hard but in Spanish it is very difficult for me to just go through my sermon and cut out 20 minutes worth because I translate most of my sermons before hand since I am not that fluent yet in Spanish and I rely heavily on my translated notes.

Soooo, I just prayed for the Lords help and He gave it to me in a grand fashion. At about the 20 minute mark I knew that I did not have time for the rest of my points in order so I closed my notes and stepped in front of the pulpit and just started preaching and teaching the best that I could. And the Lord showed Himself strong on my behalf. Sarita said it sounded like a native speaker up there. Now that is amazing because it normally doesn´t. Blessed by the name of our dear Lord and Saviour who answers the cries of His people.

The orphans from Teopisca singing about Jesus being the light of the world!

Local children singing about missions as well

Being introduced Friday night by the pastor of the church

Sunday morning...notice the green pine needles on the floor around the pulpit...they use them on special occasions down here in Mexico.

This sign says... ¨missions, the heartbeat of the church - pass over and help us¨...the focal text was from Acts 16:6-10 where Paul had the Macedonian vision to go to Macedonia and help them...

my pastor C preaching on Sunday night..

Me preaching my final message on Sunday night....

that´s all for now....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lose 3 but gain 4 more!

Right now we have 10 children living here at the orphanage. Within the last few weeks, three children have left the “House Home” as it is called here in Mexico but these three have been replaced by four new children.

It has been very interesting to watch the Lord at work lately. My pastor C, and the one who cares for the children on a daily basis, told me several months ago that he probably was not going to take in very many more children at this time because they have no help with the kids, leaving he and his wife to care for these children by themselves.

Of course, Sarita and I care for the kids from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon every week while pastor C and his family travel to another city where he preaches in the prison. But on a regular basis, they are caring for these kids by themselves which has been very difficult these last few months especially.

I have been working on a plan to get them a little help in the form of a daily worker who would do laundry, wash dishes, cook meals and care for the kids and hopefully that plan will be realized beginning on the 14th of October. I think I have found a way to help two families in need with one solution. One family that I have been working with both spiritually and physically, Juan’s family, has a 17 year old daughter who is in need of work. I spoke with Gabby and her mother Maria, and Gabby tells me that she would love to come to work at the orphanage. The going rate for such a worker her in south Mexico is $1 an hour. Nope, that is not a misprint; that is the going rate here in south Mexico. It will cost about $150 a month to implement this much needed plan but I am confident that the Lord will provide as He always has.

The three children that left (Manuel, Maki and Estela) went back to help care for their mother (the boy’s mother and Estela’s aunt). Without knowing how to say it better, she is dying and needs help with daily chores like going to the store and cooking. We don’t know how long these three will be needed in their new roles but we just pray that the Lord will use them mightily in this woman’s life. She abandoned all three of them about three years ago(Estela was being cared for by this woman as well), but they were willing to go and help her in her time of need. Estela is 11, Manuel is 9 and Maki is 7. These three children have learned much about the bible, and Estela and Manuel have made professions of faith since they have been at the orphanage, so please pray that they will show the compassion and mercy to this woman that she needs.

The pics below show Estela and the brothers…Manuel is to your left and Maki to your right.

As for the new four.

Cristian, who is five, arrived here the end of September.

Paty, who is eight, and her brother Orlando, who is six, arrived here the middle of August.

Stefen, who is 8, arrived just five days ago.

The first 10 photos below are close-ups of the current orphans.











Cristian being introduced at the orphanage during our worship service on Sunday.

The only three girls we currently have…Paty, Nichita and Sarita

Some of the kids playing outside…Paty and some of the boys (boys in the dirt playing with toy trucks of course)

The 10 orphans this past Sunday (Oct. 12) … they were going to a wedding later that day so that were all dressed up.

The 10 orphans with the three of us joining in...(the tallest kids in the back are two of pastor C´s kids)

Sarita teaching English classes…and having a great time…

Hey, who rang the dinner bell?????

Best time of the day…NAP TIME...there are 10 little ones there but some are crashed out under the blankets…

Please pray for all of us...

That is all for now!!!!!!