Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three new children and a visitor

Hello friends,

Ok, so this blog is like so late but what is the old saying…better late than never!

We have received three new children (all boys) at the orphanage over the last two months. In addition to these three, a young girl has come to live at the orphanage in order to help out with the daily work and chores around the facility.

The first child arrived at the orphanage in August and is named “Adam.” He is the one whose identity we really need to protect due to the circumstances I described in the accompanying email. He is 13 years old and so far he has really fit in very well.

At the beginning of October, two brothers named Ruben (age 12) and Jose (age 9) came to live at the orphanage as well. They are still trying to adapt but it appears that this will be pretty easy to do. Ruben has a "go get em" attitude and has not allowed his new surroundings to bother him. His little brother is taking a little more time to adjust but in time he should be just fine. One awesome thing about Ruben is that he has taken a liking to Joshua, and Joshua to him, so that they are always hanging out together...along with Jose (Chepe). Chepe is the one that has been loving on Joshua for almost 2 years now.

And as for our visitor, her name is Sara and since we already have another little girl named Sara, we all call her Sara Grande. Sara is not an orphan nor has she been abandoned. She is the daughter of a friend and is accomplishing two things. The first is that she is being a great help for Yara as she helps out doing the dishes, clothes, cleaning etc. and the second thing she is doing is making some extra money which she gives to her family on a weekly basis (her family lives in a neighboring community). This is not a permanent arrangement but it is working out really well right now for everyone involved.

With these three new additions, the total of orphans/abandoned children now stands at 17 and with the addition of Sara, we now care for 18 children. There are 12 boys and 6 girls.

Ruben just doing a little work...if it wasn't for him I would have had to cut a whole bunch of wood by myself!!!!!

"photo removed"

Jose simply hanging out, not doing much of anything...

"photo removed"

These two are rarely separated...just as it should be!

"photo removed"

Here is a pic of "Adam"...he really seems pretty content with his new home...

"photo removed"

And last but not least is Sara...she works so had and has really been a blessing to all of us!

These are the six girls...

That is all for now.

May the Lord bless you all,

Lance, Sarita, Joshua and Caleb