Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Harvesting the tilapia - It was worth the wait!!!!

Hello everyone,

Well it's about time that we were able to share this new post with you all! I say that because this tilapia project has been a year in the making. The first pics showing us cleaning out/painting the tank and placing the baby tilapias in the tank were taken back in April/May of 2012 and the pics showing us removing and eating the fish were taken just a few days ago on May 12, 2013.

Many thanks to Neshia Rudd and Bill Kirby for their faithful support of this project!!!! Their desire is to establish these tilapia projects in various parts of the world to help orphanages and other groups of people. May the Lord bless you two!!!!

I love this little word of wisdom from Bill Kirby, the founder of The Tilapia Project:

"Yes, it is about growing food for people in need, but it has to be about more than that.  God is the reason we want to feed people.  Give him the credit and the glory. 'If we only feed hungry people, they will still die someday without knowing that it was God who fed them.' (Todd Hinkey)  Let them know that this project came from God for them."

Because pictures a worth a thousand words, I think that I will just start posting pics as I am sure that you will be able to follow the story line just fine.

Time to clean out the existing tanks

Everyone got involved in this big project!

Getting the smaller tanks ready as well

Finally the day came to let the little ones loose in their new home

Pics from May 12, the day we got to taste the fruit of our labor

My two little gringos - Joshua and Caleb


This is how we do it up here in south Mexico

I have to admit...I was a little scared the first time I ate fish like this!!!!

Getting the goods ready for the boys from the orphanage...the girls ate later back at the facility.

Not sure if Caleb wanted to spit his food out or what...I sure didn't want to!!!!

Even little 6 month old Grace was lovin this day!!!!!!

Umm, Umm good!!!!!!!!!!!  Nothing but the bones left!!!!!!!!!
 That's all for now my friends. Please keep all of us in your prayers!

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